Available for iOS and Android.
Testing, Teaching, Training, & Tracking

On testing, ArisPro provides a complete athletic assessment of vertical jumping elevation, speed and agility time and horizontal jumps distance. Performance measurements include execution velocity.

On teaching, elite sport-specific coaches stream technical and form execution instructions on ArisApp. Instructions promote a higher return on body movement while reducing the risk of injury.

On training, ArisIntel, Aris’s proprietary AI engine produces personalized training programs. Programs are designed based on bio profile, ArisPro athletic test scores, days available to train, areas of gain prioritization (Vertical jumping, Agility, Speed and Horizontal jumping, and desired gains date. ArisIntel adapt program by continuously monitoring attendance and execution velocity.

On tracking, ArisPro tracks drills, repetitions and execution velocity by repetition and average by drill. Reports include shareable combine/evaluation reports and session reports.

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