Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes ArisPro different than other resistance training equipment?

    Unlike bungee cords and rubber bands,  ArisPro provides up to one- hundred pounds of constant resistance over distance, up to twenty yards. ArisPro utilizes artificial intelligence, cloud computing, elite coaching, and motion robotics solutions for a personalized training experience.

  • Can I use ArisPro without a membership?

    No. Athletes can buy a membership to train either on their personally owned unit or a training facility nearby.

  • Does ArisPro require internet access?

    ArisPro is operated by ArisApp. A Wi-Fi direction connection must be established between the smart device and ArisPro to being the journey to see gains.

  • How many accounts can I have with ArisPro?

    Each athlete will have a unique profile for a personalized and adaptive training program.

  • Training facilities can allow as many members as possible to train on ArisPro, schedules permitting.

    For commercial use, please contact for a custom quote.

  • Is ArisPro portable?

    ArisPro is transportable. Two wheels are mounted on one end and handle on the other.  The handle is retractable to allow for safe movement to desired training areas.

  • How is ArisPro powered?

    ArisPro runs on 110 volts at home or any commercial establishment.

  • How many athletes can train on  ArisPro at the same time?

    It is recommended that up to only three athletes train at the same time.

  • Does the ArisPro require professional installation?

    No. ArisPro is a plug-and-play system. Select a spot near an electric plug and power it on.

  • What is the return policy with the ArisPro?

    ArisPro has a ninety day return policy.

  • Can I use ArisPro outside?

    Yes, ArisPro can be used outside. It is water resistant. Operating outside temperature under 100F but not in direct sunlight.

  • Can I use a tablet to train?

    Yes. Any smart device that has the ArisApp installed will work.

  • How do I attach the jump board for training?

    See video tutorials under Support for operating instructions.