Speed & Football: Fast-Tracking to the Next Level When it Counts the Most

April 23, 2024
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Unlocking peak speed and performance isn’t just getting you to the next level in American football- it can keep careers afloat on the field and opportunities aplenty off of it.

Of all the myths in sports, the fable that speed can’t be taught has created a lasting excuse for some sports coaches who cling to the perpetual moving target approach to explaining a player’s success.  American Football in particular is a sport where speed is held in a high regard.  For those needing a refresher, look no further than the hype around the 40-yard dash during high school recruitment and the build up to the NFL draft.  There should be no debate: you had better be able to block, tackle, catch, throw, hit, etc., if you want to be a good football player.  If we are being honest, you need all of those to just get in the door.  Those who can achieve those skills and execute them with speed can, literally and figuratively, separate themselves from the pack.

Speed and the 40-Yard Dash: A pro-level cheat code?

The 40-yard dash has been the gold standard for assessing absolute speed in American Football for generations.  When it comes to the highest level of the sport, the importance of the 40-yard dash has been researched well and recent studies have shown that among the best talent, faster 40-yard times are a key gateway to improved draft positions for a handful of positions.  It’s not just about a 40-yard time getting you in the door though, as new research has also explored faster 40-yard dash times and their connection to prolonged careers among several position groups.

High School Recruitment & Speed: Verify & N-I-L-ify

It’s no surprise that the 40-yard dash isn’t just important for making it to the pros in American Football.  For high school athletes wanting to take their game to the next level, the 40-yard dash has become a premier recruiting metric- albeit not without some serious critique.  There are many combines and unofficial avenues for testing speed via the 40-yard dash, however using verified testing events is an ongoing challenge worth the effort.  In stride with recruiting efforts, verified 40-yard dash times are turning heads when it comes to securing elusive NIL deals as well.  

ARIS Pro & the Path to Speed

Speed is a difference maker on the field, and separates talent at all levels.  Whether you’re running a 40-yard dash or tracking your game speed with GPS, it’s a trait that can’t be faked.  When it comes to preparation- you have to train at the top of your game, to compete at the top of your game.  Training with ARIS leaves no stone unturned, unleashing the power of resisted sprinting and velocity based training (VBT) to optimize every rep, from every set, from every workout.  For coaches and athletes wanting to further their separation from the field, learn more about training with ARIS HERE.