Run Rocket vs. ArisPro – In-Depth Comparison

September 1, 2023
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Weighted vests, running parachutes, resistance bands…elite athletes are willing to strap just about anything to their body for the promise of increasing their running speed by .01%. While these tools are helpful, in recent years, technology has drastically evolved and have given us spring resistance trainers, such as the Run Rocket and ArisPro.

Runner using a parachute for resistance.

These tools are great – in fact, they’re almost too great. Why? It makes choosing which sprint trainer to add to your arsenal of training equipment more difficult. We hear you – and we’re going to give you our side-by-side comparison of two of the best pro tech trainers on the market: The Run Rocket vs. the ArisPro.

What is a Sprint Resistance Trainer

If you’ve ever tied a parachute to your waist or similar sprint devices, you’ve used a sprint resistance trainer. In recent years, resistance sprint training has drastically changed with the advancement of speed training equipment.

Run Rocket

The Run Rocket machine is one of the more popular resistance sprint trainers widely known on the market. It’s often been used by professional and college coaches and athletes. With 20 preset levels of adjustable resistance, it is a speed training machine that will help athletes with improving acceleration.


The ArisPro is a Run Rocket alternative that functions as more than a speed trainer. It’s the first training system that pairs motion control robotic technology, Artificial Intelligence, and elite performance processes athletes processes for maximal athletic results. With its versatility, it functions as a pro tech sprint resistance machine, vertical jump trainer, and agility trainer.

Run Rocket vs. ArisPro

Cool – they’re both machines that are fantastic at training an athlete to increase his or her strength and power, so what are the key differences?

What’s Included

Included with the Run Rocket is the Run Rocket speed belt, multi-point harness, sled harness (and easy-on / easy-off vest), core bar (for simulating weight sleds), and the Run Rocket itself.

Compare this to the ArisPro, and you end up with a compact engine with a base platform, 25 yards of resistance band sprint training, and a powerful app that helps runners self-train (but more on that later).


In terms of technology, the RunRocket is a resistance sprint machine that is at its best when paired with a coach and personal trainer to design workouts and help athletes measure their performance. Outside of the adjustable resistance settings it offers, it is a fairly mechanical machine for speed resistance training.

By and large, the ArisPro takes sprint speed and strength training to a new level. Being the first of its kind trainer to incorporate robotics and Artificial Intelligence, it is able to do more than keep track of workouts performed.

Because of the advanced technology incorporated into the ArisPro, it can be used by individual athletes to set a baseline, perform customized sprint exercises, learn from their performance, and test their individual progressions.


A Run Rocket for sale – currently – is listed at $2,299. The ArisPro comes in more expensive for the Run Rocket speed trainer at $4,500, but with a vast difference in training capabilities and tools to help you improve your performance.

When you factor in the average cost of a personal trainer from anywhere between $400 to $1,000 per month, the A.I. technology used to help advance athletes in their skill with detailed analytics, and versatility of this machine, it quickly becomes the cheaper alternative of the two.


ArisPro shown stored upright in a home gym.

The ArisPro was designed with versatility and transportability in mind. The total weight of the unit totals 240 lbs – adding more stability to the system at higher resistances without compromising the mobility of the system. Its sprint competitor, the Run Rocket, comes in at 165 lbs.


As we’ve already established, the Run Rocket does not store data like the ArisPro – meaning it is up to athletes and their coaches to manually log their results. However, important data you are missing from this includes your explosiveness, velocity, peak velocity, acceleration, peak acceleration, top speed, and total resistance – just to name a few. And, unlike any other training system available, the ArisPro has the ability to analyze the data at 1 yard increments and 5 yard splits, it allows you to dive into the micro-details, enabling athletes to continually improve their athletic performance.

A Smart Way to Self-Train – The ArisPro

In truth, this is almost an apples-to-oranges comparison – and the reason for this is because of the advancements in technology. 

The ArisPro has been designed to give inspired athletes an equal opportunity to have access to resources they otherwise may not have: coaches, time, and personalized exercises.

At the end of the day, both units are great for athletes seeking to add resistance running to their speed training routines.

Ready to improve your athletes’ performance? Order the ArisPro.